80 Plus Fakes; Gigabyte in Tibet

Hardware Secrets discovered that there are some power supplies in the market carrying fake 80 Plus badges.

"The good news is that, thanks to this article, manufacturers removed the fake 80 Plus claims we exposed or really got their units certified, as you can see in the third page of this article. However, there are still a few power supplies in the market with fake 80 Plus claims, as we are exposing in the next page."

Gigabyte proudly opened the world’s highest altitude motherboard RMA center in Lhasa, 11,975 feet above sea level. Excerpts from their press release:

"The political, economic, cultural and religious center of Tibet, Lhasa is famed as ‘the City of Sunshine’ and is a hot spot for tourists. However, its remoteness and traffic-laden roads often make life difficult for locals because services such as RMA need to be sent to distant Chengdu as part of a process that can take longer than a month. With the new RMA center from GIGABYTE, China’s second largest province now enjoys repair services that are on par with GIGABYTE RMA centers around the world."

The new Gigabyte center is a telling sign of how much Tibet has been drawn into China, achieved mostly by Chinese resettlement encouraged by offical government policy since 1992.

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