ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II OC

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ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II OC

August 20, 2012 by Lawrence Lee

ASUS GeForce GTX 680
DirectCU II OC

PCI-E Graphics Card
Sample Supplier AVADirect Computers
Street Price

In January, AMD debuted their HD 7000 series GPUs, sporting the new GCN graphics core manufactured using a 28 nm process. The die-shrink combined with additional improvements resulted in sizable performance boosts without heavy increases in power draw. Their flagship Radeon HD 7970 also took the single-GPU performance crown back from the GeForce GTX 580. Nvidia's GeForce 500 series (which is actually only a slightly modified version of the 400 series) remained viable performance-wise but as the aging 40 nm Fermi core was never terribly power efficient to begin with, the difference was now even more noticeable.

The GeForce 600 series with its 28 nm Kepler core (found in mid-high level models only) seems to address this. The high-end GTX 680 and 670 have official TDPs about 50W lower than their 500 series analogs. The new generation also provides an updated video decoder (PureVideo HD 5) capable of rendering 4K resolutions and support for four independent displays; hardcore gamers can play across three monitors using SurroundView with an extra screen keeping track of Windows desktop applications. Also, like Intel and AMD's Turbo Boost and Turbo Core CPU overclocking technologies, the Kepler core has GPU Boost, a feature that adjusts clock speeds dynamically based on the current power draw.

The ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II OC box.

Package contents: card, software, setup guide, SLI bridge, 2 x 6-pin to 8-pin adapter.

Our first Kepler sample is made by ASUS, the GTX 680 DirectCU II OC. "DirectCU" is a name ASUS has used many times to brand a custom down-blowing, shrouded VGA cooler. The second iteration is a behemoth with multiple heatpipes and two 10 cm fans and extends past the length of the 680's already fairly long 26.6 cm (10.5 inch) circuit board. Like their many motherboards, the card also has ASUS' DIGI+VRM technology, advanced voltage regulation circuitry that claims to help deliver stable, efficient power to the GPU.

The GTX 680 DirectCU II OC is currently selling for about US$530 while more barebones GTX 680's start at US$500. You could say that this card is factory overclocked as well as its GPU Boost clock is set to 1084 MHz, about 30 MHz more than the basic model, but that figure isn't really set in stone. If the card is running cool enough, it can and will exceed that speed. This is a card for deep-pocketed users seeking extremely smooth gameplay on monstrous 2560x1440 displays or multi-monitor configurations.

ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II OC
(GTX680-DC2O-2GD5): Specifications

(from the product web page)
Graphics Engine
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
Bus Standard
PCI Express 3.0
Video Memory
Engine Clock
GPU Boost Clock : 1084 MHz
GPU Base Clock : 1019 MHz
Memory Clock
6008 MHz ( GDDR5 )
Memory Interface
DVI Output : Yes x 1 (DVI-I), Yes x 1 (DVI-D)
HDMI Output : Yes x 1
Display Port : Yes x 1 (Regular DP)
1 x Power cable
1 x Extended SLI cable
ASUS Utilities & Driver
ASUS Features
DirectCU Series
Super Alloy Power
11.8 " x 5.1 " x 2.3 " Inch
*To have the best cooling performance, ASUS GTX680-DC2O-2GD5 extends the fansink to 2.5 slots. Please double check you Chassis and Motherboard dimension prior to purchase to make sure it fits in your system!

*Note that the actual boost clock will vary depending on actual system conditions. For more information, please visit

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