Chill Innovation CP-700M: Quiet EU Power

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March 22, 2009 by Mike Chin

700W ATX12V Power Supply
Chill Innovation
Market Price

Chill Innovation is hardly a household name, even in a tech geek household, but this Danish company has been offering power supplies since 1996. The company doesn't actually make its own power supplies, of course. That work is subcontracted out to an OEM in China, which is the norm for all kinds of power supply brands, even big ones like Antec and Cooler Master. A check through the dealer list on the company web site shows that distribtion is limited to the UK and Europe, so it's no surprise that the brand is not widely known on this side of the Atlantic.

Some six PSU models are currently offered, covering the range from 400W to 1000W. The 520W, 700W and 1000W models offer modular cables. The 700W model under review here is the 2nd most powerful in the lineup. Company reps informed us that the product is made by a Chinese manufacturer called Kingnod, who sells a similar product as an 850W model under their own brand. Chill integrates tweaks to improve the base product, including derating down to 700W for assured performance.

The big cardboard box shouts out the salient message:
Virtually silent 700W hi-end power supply .

Inside, some closed cell foan, PSU, cables and a set of 4 screws.


Chill Innovation CP-700M Feature Highlights (from the Chill Innovation web site)
Modular Design
OK, not so unusual, usually a price premium.
ATX12V v2.3 + 8-pin for EPS12V
2.3? v2.2 looks like the most recent...
+85% efficiency and 1W on standby Not 80 Plus certified — not that it has to be, but we'll find out.
Sleeved cables The norm these days.
True Virtual Silent Operation
The juxtaposition of True and Virtual is unfortunate. It can't be both. We'll find out.
4 x 12V Rails Who really cares?
Samxon GT Hi-End 'Long-Life' industrial 105°C Low-ESR capacitors Expected in a high-end PSU.
Advanced Heat Dissipation with 135mm fan and high efficiency
We'll find out about this too.
Full range automatic VAC input with Active PFC Both quite common these days.
EMC / CE, FCC, CB, TÜV, RoHS compliance Safety standards; no UL/CSA* - not intended for US/Canada market?
Gold Connectors for better contact
In high salt air, gold can help slow corrosion. Most useful if the mating connectors are also gold plated, and they're usually not. Mixing metals can accelerate contact degradation.
*Chill informs us that the unit has passed UL/CSA testing, and it is just a matter of paying the fee, which will not be done until US/Canada distribution is established.


The label on the PSU (above) tells much of what we want to know. However, more details are provided on the company web site, from which the following table comes:

 Model name:  CP-700M
 Power Output:  700W continuous load
 Dimensions:  150 x 160 x 86 mm (D x L x H)
 Form Factor:  ATX 2.3 / EPS 2.92
 Power Factor Correction:  Active PFC (PF >0.9)
 Cooling system:  135mm Auto Temp/Load controlled Fan
 RPM / Noise  ~650-1650 RPM +/-10%
 Efficiency:  >85% nominal
 Standby consumption:  ~1W
 Input Voltage:  100-240V~, 47-63Hz, 4-10A
 MTBF:  100.000 hours minimum at 25°C
 Operating Temperature:  10°C to 50°C
 Operating Humidity:  20% to 70%, non-condensing
 Protection:  OVP / UVP, OLP (OPP), OCP, OTP, SCP, Surge
 Safety / Compliance  EMC / CE, FCC, CB, TÜV, RoHS

Four 12V lines are listed on the specifications. If this is true, each should have a 20A limiter, but there is no guide about which connectors are part of which "line".

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