Enermax Platimax 600W

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Platimax 600W EPM600AWT
ATX12V power supply
Street Price

Super high efficiency is the defining mark of high end power supplies, and the Platimax 600W from Enermax falls easily into that category with its 80 PLUS Platinum tag. Judging by its published specifications, retail packaging, or its selling price, there's no question that this PSU is aimed clearly at the high end. Enermax does have panache as the earliest retail package PSU brand, going back some 20 years. It was, for a while, the only retail high end PSU option, and no doubt I am not alone in recalling the blue metallic painted casings that marked dual-fan Enermax PSU apart from the generic battleship gray of the rest. More recently, Enermax 82+ and 87+ Modu/Pro models have fared very well in SPCR reviews.

But the retail package PSU sector is awash in products with dozens of brands not long associated with power supplies. Apparently, despite the glut of products, there is still margin and money to be made here and no shortage of OEM PSU makers willing to supply any brand, so it has become a popular sector for component brands to expand into. Enermax is up against lots of competition these days.

There are seven other models in the Platimax series, one lower at 500W, and the others at 750W, 850W, 1000W, 1250W, 1350W and 1500W. That's an incredibly large number of models, especially when some of them are only 100W apart, and the Platimax is only one of nine series of Enermax PSUs, which add up to a total of 46 models altogether (by a quick count of current models on their web site)! I suppose they're just trying to cover every niche in the PSU market, but a model at every possible power rating seems like overkill. How in the world could a retailer possibly stock all of these? And therein lies the possible answer: They're not meant to, so retailers don't compete directly with the same model? Just a conjecture.

Not many Platinum efficiency PSUs are out there. All the other 80 PLUS Platinum certified PSUs reviewed by SPCR thus far have come from Kingwin, including a fan-cooled 550W and the passively cooled 500W STR-500. Many of the major brands have Platinum PSUs in their lineups, but not all, and both retain inventory and samples seems hard to come by. Gold level 90% efficiency seems to be almost ubiquitous now, and perhaps the market is perceived to be too reluctant to bear the still higher cost of Platinum models, which are only marginally more efficient. Interestingly, Newegg's asking price (at time of writing) for the Kingwin LZP-550 (Platinum) is $150, while the Enermax Platimax 600W is $190. That's a huge difference for 50W. Notably, the next lower priced 600W PSU at Newegg is an 80 PLUS Bronze model at $120. 80 PLUS Gold PSUs of 550~650W ratings abound at the $100~$120 range, with brands like FSP, Rosewill, SPI, Seasonic, Cougar, Raidmax, Xclio and Lepa.

Given the Platimax 600W's lofty positioning, let's take a close look at what is offered.

It's a sizable, attractive package.

More similar colored cardboard insets surround the PSU inside.

Beneath it all: The output cables, a couple attached, most modular; a puch for the detachable cables; zip ties and other cable handling accessories; screw; user's guide; AC cable; the PSU itself.

Overall, while it is nice and complete enough, the package is not much different from other high end offerings. Perhaps the value is all inside and in the performance.

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