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HDPLEX H3.SODD Fanless mini-ITX Case
Fanless mini-ITX Case

The H3.SODD is the second fanless media PC case submitted for review by California-based HDPLEX. As with the micro-ATX H10.ODD case sample we received a few months ago, this model is a study in minimalism, and it came fully outfitted as a complete PC. The product is intended to be sold direct to end users willing to assemble their own systems, and through partner system integrators. Asides from the difference in size, both cases offer optical drive options, but the H3 uses a slot-loading type, which explains the SODD and ODD acronyms in the model designations.

It's hard not to be impressed with your first glimpse of the H3.SODD, its massive aluminum facia, dual rows of cooling fins, and low profile look. Anyone who has ever lusted after similarly stylish high end audio gear will find the H3 appealing, and this consumer association is the precise intent of the designer. The optical disk slot, IR remote receptor pinhole and USB 3.0 port are the only departures from the smooth monolithic silver face.

The H3.SODD is undeniably stylish in a high end audio motif. The bevelled edge and rounded corners of the aluminum front panel adds to the style. It could be mistaken for a high end, minimalist audio disk player, equipped only with remote controls.

A closer examination of the case reinforces the impression of high quality design and production values.

The I/O panel on the back gives away the H3's computer core. The rounded corners of the heatsink fins make them safer to handle than sharp edged ones.

As with the HD10, the power button is unobtrusively placed on the left corner of the top panel. The center slot is meant for any slim slot optical drive; our sample featured a Bluray drive.

There are also vents on the bottom, along with nicely sized rubber-bottomed feet. The bottom and top panels appear to be of the same fairly hefty 2.5mm thick aluminum. Th small star-shaped items are part of the rubber grommets that help keep hard drive vibration from becoming audible sounds.

FYI, the sample came double-boxed, with the actual unit inside an oversized box that HDPLEX says will be replaced with a smaller custom-fitted carton. The sample and accessories suffered no damage of any kind in transit.

Oversized carton for the H3.SODD.

The product took up no more than half the available space. Packed within were a nice set of allen wrenches and special socket screwdrivers, a Windows Media Center remote control, and an AC cord,

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