LEPA LV12 Direct-Touch Heatsink

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LEPA LV12 Direct-Touch Heatsink

August 25, 2014 by Lawrence Lee

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LEPA, being a secondary brand of Enermax, is naturally primarily known for their wide range of power supplies. Enermax also has a tower heatsink, the ETS-T40, which utilizes direct-touch heatpipes, so it's not surprising that LEPA's first CPU cooler uses the same technology. The ETS-T40 didn't perform that well but the LV12 has some differentiating characteristics that may prove to be beneficial.

The LV12.

The LV12 has a more professional look and feel than most direct-touch coolers, thanks to a mysterious S.N.T.C. (Super Nano Thermal Conductive) coating that protects the heatpipes and fins from rusting while giving it a sleek appearance you can't get from plain exposed copper and aluminum (it also comes in a more upbeat white version). The fins are thus much thicker than usual and as the fin spacing is quite wide and the body isn't particularly big, the total heat dissipation area suffers. It has a 120 mm stock fan with magnetic bearings and A.P.S. (Adjustable Peak Speed), a three-speed switch directly on the fan hub that adjusts the maximum speed only.

The box.


The LV12 ships in compact packaging with the heatsink and fan contained in a cardboard housing with ribs extending to the edges of the outer box, creating crevices to the pack the accompanying accessories. Included with the cooler is a succinct assembly guide, a tube of thermal compound, an extra set of fan clips, the necessary mounting gear, and a small wrench. Both the packaging and installation kit are similar to the Argon series, a line of direct-touch heatsinks from SilverStone. If it manages to be as proficient as the Argon AR01/AR03, it would be in good company.

LEPA LV12: General Specifications
(from the product web page)
Model Name LPALV12
Compatible Socket Intel® LGA 775/1155/1156/1366/2011/1150
Dimension 138(L) × 85(W) × 160(H) mm
Heat Sink Dimension 138(L) × 60(W) × 160(H) mm
Heat Sink Weight 460 g
Heat Pipe 4 x Ø6 mm
Heat Sink Material Copper Heat Pipes/Aluminum Fins/S.N.T.C. coating
Thermal Resistance 0.095 °C/W
Thermal Grease Dow Corning® TC-5121
Fan Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Fan Speed 800~1500/1800/2200 rpm
Fan Air Flow 40.7 ~ 76.6/91.6/112 CFM
69.2 ~ 130.2/174.4/213.1 m3/h
Fan Static Pressure 0.83 ~ 1.8/2.43/3.64 mmH2O
Fan MTBF >= 160,000 hrs
Fan Noise 8 ~ 17/20/23 dBA
Fan Bearing Type BOL Bearing
Fan Connector 4 pin PWM

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