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Logic Supply LGX AG150

March 28, 2012 by Mike Chin

Product Logic Supply LGX AG150
Fanless Mini-ITX PC
Manufacturer Logic Supply
MSRP US$453.00 (base price)
US$716.70 (as tested)

An announcement in early March by Logic Supply about their new, small, Atom-based, fanless, mini-ITX system was hardly breathtaking news for most of the industry. This US Vermont-based specialist has offered small fanless PCs for industrial and commercial applications for years, going back to VIA mini-ITX products in pre-Atom days.

What is new and exciting about Logic Supply's LGX AG150 is the use of the Intel DN2800MT "Marshalltown" board, a product eagerly anticipated by mini-ITX enthusiasts. The new Intel board is a refresh of the popular D945GSEJT ("Johnstown") board that launched "Thin mini-ITX" — a mini-ITX board that has an extremely low profile (or height). Both CPU and graphics have been substantially upgraded over the earlier board. Logic Supply's LGX ML200 fanlessly-cooled casing is designed expressly for the DN2800MT and has a total volume of just 1.24 liters. It follows in the footsteps of Logic Supply's SLFJT-01 fanless case, designed specifically for the Intel D945GSEJT board.

Logic Supply sent over a complete sample LGX AG150 system for review. As you can imagine, the sample system did not require a large shipping carton.

The AG150 sample system arrived in a small box, just after the rain stopped.

A quick look inside: Windows 7 Home 32-bit disc, and basic documentation.

The LGX AG150 is small: 206 x 32.5 x 185 mm or 8.1" x 1.3" x 7.3". Total volume is around 1.2 liters.

Logic Supply's description of their new offering sums it up nicely:

"The LGX AG150 is a compact, low-profile, and fanless system featuring Intel's Cedarview Atom processor, the dual-core 1.86 GHz N2800. Combined with integrated GMA 3650 graphics, this system is natively HD playback-capable, all with a system TDP of less than 15 watts. An ideal embedded platform, its small footprint and sub-1.5" height make it great for secure mounting in applications where space is limited. Its completely fanless design protects against dust and dirt while improving reliability by eliminating the need for a fan and reducing the number of moving parts. Wide-input 8~19-volt power means that the AG150 can tolerate power fluctuations or operate in a variety of usage environments.

"The AG150 offers HDMI and VGA, six USB 2.0 ports (including two high-current ports for faster charging of peripherals), two RS-232 COM ports, and Gb LAN. Inside, the system provides expansion in the form of two PCI Express Mini Card slots, one half-height and one full-height; the latter of which can be used as an mSATA slot for a separate boot drive.

"Versatile, durable, and cost-effective, the AG150 is well-suited to a broad range of applications, from commercial nettops, web kiosks, and set-top boxes, to more industrial solutions including manufacturing, industrial automation, and data collection. Its small size and included mounting brackets make it easy to mount securely or in custom enclosures."

Logic Supply specializes in energy efficient, small footprint computer hardware optimized for the industrial and commercial markets. This system, with its RS-232 ports, is obviously not optimized for consumers, but its tiny size, silent operation and low energy consumption still makes it interesting for home users. You may recall the last Logic Supply system we tested was also fanlessly cooled and small, though not nearly as small as this: The Montevina GS-L10 featured a discrete CPU, the mobile Celeron T3100, in a 3.5 liters box.

The listed $465 base price is a near-barebones system comprising 1GB RAM, 160GB 5400RPM 2.5" drive, and 60W power adapter. No OS is included. The $716 review system is far more complete.

Review Logic Supply LGX AG150 sample:

- Motherboard: Intel DN2800MT
- Memory: 2x 204-pin DDR3 1333 SO-DIMM 2GB (4GB Total)
- HDD: Intel 320 Series 2.5" SATA SSD, 40 GB (MLC)
- AC Adapter (brick): AC Power Adapter 60W, 12V (PW-12V5A-L5)
- Wireless: Intel 6230 Wi-Fi/BT PCIe Mini Card w/ Pigtail, Adapter
- Wireless Antenna: 2.4GHz/5.8GHz Wireless Antenna, 108mm (4") w/ Pigtail Cable [KDBv0A-PC250]
- Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
- Build and Test: Expedited Assembly & Validation Service (2 working days) -FSR
- Warranty: 1 Year Warranty (Standard)
- Cable: 2x DB9-ATEV COM Cables [2xDB9-ATEV]
- Dimensions: 206 x 32.5 x 185 mm or 8.1" x 1.3" x 7.3"
- Weight: 1.33 kg or 2 lbs 15 oz (w/o antennae or PSU)

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