News for 2011-01-17

Internet News

* Socket Pin Burnout Returns to Haunt LGA1155?

* Windows 7 Services Pack 1 still isn't released but that doesn't stop people from constantly writing about it. See ZDNet's latest take.

* CNET says some people (0.019%) are still using Windows 98 to browse the web.

* SharkyExtreme Biweekly Memory Prices covers DDR2 and DDR3 memory.

* Antec Launches Sonata IV Case (with USB 3 front port)

* HIS Multiview II lets you add a 2nd - 6th monitor to a laptop that does not have DisplayPort. If you do have DisplayPort consider instead a device like Accell's UltraAV which allows the use of monitors using a more modern method.

* FSP Group Unveils Aurum Series 80Plus Gold Certified PSUs

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