Nexus NX-5000 Silent PSU

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Dec 27, 2009 by Mike Vass

Nexus NX-5000 R3
530W Power Supply
Market Price

Nexus has offered a variety of computer components for a decade, and presently have a plethora of cases, heatsinks, fans, and power supplies for the consumer market. Nexus has always been focussed on quiet computing gear since their inception; we use some of their fans as references in our reviews.

SPCR has reviewed several Nexus power supplies in the recent past, including both the old and improved NX-8060 600W, the amazingly quiet Nexus Value 430 (430W), and the high-end RX-8500 (850W). Under scrutiny now is a medium power offering from Nexus, the NX-5000 (Revision 3), that promises to be "Real Silent" while delivering enough power (530W) for high-end dual-GPU gaming rigs.


The box is reminiscent of the RX-8500, with a convenient carrying handle and a subtle feature listing in the bottom-left.

The back of the box highlights efficiency and "silent" operation.

Nexus NX-5000 FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS (from the web product page)
Highlight Our comment
530 Watt true power "True power" as opposed to peak or apparent power, one assumes.
Single 12V Rail
Preferable to multiple lines, in our view.
82% efficiency; complies with 80 PLUS BRONZE specifications 82%, 85%, 82% efficiencies at 20%, 50%, and 100% loads.
Inaudible performance

We will find out.

Sleeved cables with X-mesh

This is neXus branding; the sleeving is wrapped nice and tight.

Active PFC This is important if you buy by the Volt-Ampere, rather than the Wat, but a very common feature nowadays.
Real Silent 12cm fan The phrase "real silent" has always been annoying but perhaps it markets better than the grammatically correct "really silent".
Excellent airflow, honey-comb grill The entire back panel is a honey-comb grille, which is nice, but again not uncommon.
Full range automatic; no voltage selection has to be set This is common in power supplies with Active PFC circuitry.

Multiple safety features such as: overvoltage and short-circuit protection

These features help to protect your downstream components.
Ball bearing fan Better for longevity in hot conditions but usually noisier than sleeve bearing.
Version ATX 2.2 OK.
Complies to WEEE & RoHS Mandatory for EU. RoHS and WEEE set rules regarding hazardous substances and end-of-life recovery targets, respectively.
Size:150x86x125mm / 5.9x3.4x4.9in 125mm deep is actually short, and good for case organization.


Power specifications can be found on the website or on a sticker on the side of the PSU itself:

Nexus NX-5000 (R3) Specifications
AC Input
100-240V - 10A/5A 47/63Hz (Differs from website)
DC Output

The maximum current ratings for -12V and 5V standby are a little lower than we've seen on lower rated power supplies, but this is just a testament to the decreasing need for -12V in modern components, and the lower standby power consumption of new peripherals.

The NX-5000 complies with 80 Plus Bronze specifications, which requires, along with a handful of other power factor and input power tolerance requirements, at least 82% efficiency at 20% and 100% loads, and at least 85% efficiency at a 50% load. Keep in mind that the testing for 80 Plus approval is done at normal ambient room temperature. The 80 Plus Testing Guidelines (PDF) specify only that "ambient temperature shall be maintained at 23°C ± 5°C throughout the test." In contrast, the ambient temperature of the SPCR test system is directly proportionate to the load. At low load, the air intake is at or just above room temperature, but as load is increased, the temperature rises steadily. Typically, with a fan-cooled PSU, the intake temperature in our test system reaches 45~50¬įC at >600W loads. This is an extremely tough test condition, as PSU efficiency naturally drops off at high and low loads; combine high load with high temperature and it's essentially a torture chamber. It does replicate reasonably well the conditions that prevail in a typical tower PC. For full details, please refer to SPCR's PSU Test Platform V4.1.

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