Nexus Value 430 PSU: Affordable Silence

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March 13, 2009 by Mike Chin

Nexus Value 430
430W ATX12V v2.2 Power Supply
Sample Supplier
End PC Noise
Market Price

It's a sign of the times that a 430W power supply seems an anomaly. Retail PSU power ratings have gone through the roof over the last couple of years that even at SPCR, most of the models reviewed recently have been well over 500W. While there's some merit to the idea that extreme gaming systems actually need a kilowatt of electricity, the stronger driving force behind the power buildup is profit. There's simply more money to be made in higher rated PSUs.

The Nexus Value 430 power supply isn't just a lower power model. It's also smaller, modest looking rather than flashy, and priced well under $100. It strikes one as a return to sanity and normality — before SLI and Crossfire multiple graphics cards gaming came along.

Nexus is a pioneer in quiet computing components based in the Netherlands. The company has been active in bringing quiet computing components and products to the market long before the concept became a fashionable buzzword. The Nexus brand fans, for example, are still among the few reference fans we use in our reviews.

A nearly plain 2-ink cardboard box.

Interior packaging is just as plain. A bit more shock damping might be preferred.


Nexus Value 430 Feature Highlights (from the Nexus web site)
Smaller, 125mm deep - more space inside your pc for more/better airlflow.
There's some merit in this point. The norm is 140~165mm deep.
Version not specified; current is V2.2.
A minimum of 80% efficiency guaranteed at all loads But it is not 80 Plus certified — not that it has to be for the PSU to be >80% efficient.
Sleeved cables The norm these days.
Real silent performance with less then 15.0 dB(A) in idle mode Of course, we'll be trying to verify this claim... and to see what happens at higher loads.
4 x 12V Rails In a 430W PSU? What for??
Full range automatic VAC input Common for Active PFC power supplies.
UL, CSA, DVE, FCC, CE and CB approved Safety standards; the more the merrier.
Complies to WEEE & RoHS environment directives Required in the EU these days.

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