NoFan CR-80EH & CS-60 Fanless Cooler & Case

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NoFan CR-80EH & CS-60 Fanless Cooler & Case

February 2, 2015 by Lawrence Lee

NoFan CR-80EH Fanless CPU Cooler NoFan CS-60 microATX Case
Street Price
€50/£35 US$100/£50

As the name implies, the Korean manufacturer NoFan specializes in fanless products like heatsinks, power supplies, and cases. Two years ago, we acquired a sample of their flagship CPU cooler, which featured an interesting copper wire design we hadn't seen before. The CR-95C was an enormous barrel-shaped heatsink with a diameter of 18 cm (just over 7 inches) that proved to be more a more effective passive cooler than anything that we've seen since. Today, I'm going to take a look at a smaller, more affordable version, the CR-80EH, along with a microATX case to complement it, the CS-60.


NoFan CR-95C (left) vs. CR-80EH (right).

Placed side to side, the difference in size between the two coolers is striking. The older CR-95C is gigantic by comparison and is fashioned in a wider, more straightforward monster truck tire shape. The CR-80EH is smaller in every dimension, offering less than half the heat dissipation area, and has a basket-like form wider at the top than at its base. Still, the fundamentals are the same, with both products consisting of a large base, a set of copper wires that make up the bulk of the heatsink, and a single heatpipe joining the two.

The CR-80EH box.

CR-80EH package contents.

The packaging is eye-catching to say the least, with the cooler seemingly bursting out of the box. It's a nice visual but awful for stacking/storing. The cooler itself is encapsulated in a plastic clamshell container but thankfully, it's a two-piece unit with four release points that easily pop open. It ships with a short assembly guide, a bottle of thermal compound, and the necessary mounting hardware. The mounting clips are universal, supporting LGA115x boards in one orientation, and fitting AMD boards when flipped around.

NoFan CR-80EH: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Dimension 155 mm (Ø) x 113 mm
Weight 300g
Thermal Resistance (at 25°C ambient) Up to 80W
Material Pure Copper, Pure Aluminum
Dissipation Area 98,157 mm2
ICEPIPE 1 EA / 1.6 mm (Ø) x 19.537 mm (L)
Heatpipe 1 EA / 6 mm (Ø) x 130 mm (L)
Compatibility Intel 1150/1155/1156 - Core i5 (only 3rd Generation) / i3
AMD FM1/FM2/AM2/AM2+AM3/AM3+ - APU Series, Phenom II, Athlon II, Sempron

While the CR-80EH has a sizable 15.5 cm diameter, it stands just 11.3 cm tall and weighs 300 grams, making it shorter and lighter than the vast majority of tower heatsinks. Its limited size also constrains its cooling potential, with NoFan listing its thermal limit as 80W at an ambient temperature of 25°C. They've published both motherboard and processor compatibility information on their website.


The CS-60.

When it comes to actively cooled systems, a well-designed case has to perform a balancing act, providing sufficient airflow without allowing too much noise to leak out. As a fanless PC doesn't produce any noise (unless a mechanical hard drive is used), this all gets thrown out the window. Ventilation is everything, especially if you want to use a CPU that pushes the heatsink's TDP limit.

The CS-60 looks sound the job but it wasn't designed specifically as a fanless chassis. It's actually a rebranded In Win Dragon Slayer, an older microATX tower with a fairly open design. This model looks to be identical except the logo has been swapped out and all the stock fans have been removed. You may remember the Dragon Slayer's bigger brother, the Dragon Rider, which was a surprisingly strong performer thanks primarily to excessive ventilation and multitude of fans, including a massive 22 cm model located on the side panel. Ironically, this similar design is now being repurposed by NoFan for completely silent builds.

CS-60 accessories.

The CS-60 ships with an instruction guide, a bag of screws, four adhesive hooks for bundling/guiding cables, and a set of drive rails.

NoFan CS-60: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Middle Tower
Motherboard Micro ATX
Dimension 180 mm (W) x 425 mm (D) x 410 mm (H)
Material SECC/0.6-0.7t
Color Black
5.25" Bay 2 EA (External)
3.25" Bay 4 EA (External 4 EA)
Front Terminal USB 2,0 x 2/USB 3,0 x 1/HD Audio
Expansion Slot 5 EA
NOFAN CPU Cooler Compatibility CR-100A, CR-95C

Despite limited to microATX (and smaller) boards, the CS-60 stands 41.0 cm (just over 16 inches) tall, so it could easily pass for a compact ATX tower. This is due to a fifth expansion slot and extra room at the top to better accommodate water cooling. These features only make sense when you consider that the Dragon Slayer was marketed as an enthusiast case.

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