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The Serenity SPCR Edition has been improved with no increase in price. It is amazingly, substantially quieter than the original reviewed below — which is also a very quiet machine. See the new review here: Puget Serenity, SPCR Edition v.2

Puget Custom Computers is not a newcomer to SPCR. Back in 2005, Puget sent us a Pentium M system system that was passively water-cooled, very speedy for its day, expensive, and as low in SPL as we could measure back then. The next year, we reviewed a more conventional C2D PC from Puget that was nearly as quiet as the previous system but far less costly. Both of these systems were impressive in their neat, tidy execution, attention to detail, and the secure quality of their packaging.

The customized Serenity system Puget recently submitted for SPCR-certification is best described as a highly capable, energy efficient general purpose PC. The key components are an Intel i7-860 processor, ATI HD5750 video card, Intel X25-M 160GB 2nd generation solid state drive, and four gigabytes of RAM running 64-bit Windows 7 in a silence-optimized Antec P183 case. Here's a summary of the system components:

Puget Serenity PC
Asus P7P55D-E Pro
Intel Core i7-860 - 2.8GHz 8mb 95W Socket 1156 45nm
2 x Kingston Value DDR3-1333 2048mb
Video Card
PowerColor Radeon HD5750 1gb Silent
Hard Drive
Intel X25-M 34nm Gen2 160gb Solid State Drive
Hard Drive
WD Caviar Green 1.5 tb
Optical Drive
Pioneer 22x DVD-RW SATA
Antec P183
Antec CP-850
CPU Cooler
Gelid Tranquilo
Quiet Case Fans Upgrade Kit
Case Mods
AcoustiPack Acoustic Composite Sheets
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Lifetime Labor, 1 year parts
Starts at $1250.00
As tested, June 2010: $2542.00

The Antec CP-850 is a unique extremely quiet power supply designed specifically to work in the P183 case, and all the fans (except for the 120mm stock fan on the Traquilo cooler) are proven Scythe S-Flex models. The component choices are well thought out, and the end result should be a very quiet, speedy computer.

The sample system came in a huge box. The PC was inside a second carton, the original carton of the Antec P183 case, with shock damping on the corners. The double-boxing and double shock-damping made this Puget PC virtually impossible to damage in transit. Finally, the interior of the PC was also packed full with custom-fitted foam to ensure that no internal components can get loose in transit.

Huge heavy carton took up a lot of the front hallway.

The Puget Serenity was in a second carton, which was shock mounted in the first carton. At the top was a box containing accessories.

Those accessories included every unused part from every component in the PC, along with a folder of detailed documentation. Details such as every assembly, testing, software installation, and packing/ shipping step performed, signed off by each person responsible — as well as results on all the burn-in tests and various performance benchmarks — were provided. It's one of the most thoroughly documented computers we've encountered.

A loud sticker on the front panel of the Puget Serenity warns the user to open the case and remove additional packing before powering up.

This is the custom-fitted packing foam that must be removed from inside the case. It ensures that parts like the video card or CPU heatsink cannot fall loose and bounce around inside in transit.

Serenity PC page at Puget Custom Computers
Serenity SPCR Edition

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