Rosewill Silent Night 500 Platinum 80 Plus

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Silent Night 500
Platinum 80 Plus
ATX12V power supply
Super Flower

Rosewill is Newegg's house brand, although their products are ostensibly offered at many other outlets. Before you shun it as a line of generics, Rosewill claims their focus is on both value and price, and my scan of Newegg user reviews (not exactly an impartial source, admittedly) suggests quality is above par. This is our first look at a Rosewill branded product. The Silent Night 500W was pointed out by Rosewill's Marketing Manager Chinny Chung as a suitable product for SPCR to review, an opinion most readers will agree with whole heartedly: It is a fanless PSU of the highest efficiency rating currently available.

The retail package is fairly modest in size by current standards, and modest overall. No shouty colors here... but then this is a Newegg house brand, and they've got to know better than anyone that package cosmetics mean little when selling on line.

The back side of the box is plain indeed, providing basic information.

The internal packaging is good, with closed-cell foam (preferred over styrofoam) used for shock protection.

All the contents: A pouch for the detachable cables, the PSU itself, a paper user guide, AC cord, four zip ties, and bag of both screws and thumbscrews for PSU mounting.

Deja vu was the feeling upon opening up the package: The Rosewill Silent Night 500 is obviously a rebadge of the Kingwin Stryker STR-500. At time of writing, the two products are priced identically at Newegg: $159.99. Outside the US and Canada, Super Flower is the name associated with this product. The performance of the Stryker STR-500 was excellent, and there is little reason to expect the Silent Night to be different. We can consider it an opportunity to test a second sample 18 months later, especially against the newer standard-setting Seasonic 520W Platinum fanless PSU released last year.

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