Scythe Ashura CPU Cooler

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Scythe Ashura CPU Cooler

September 9, 2013 by Lawrence Lee

Scythe Ashura

CPU Cooler
Street Price

For the past few years, Scythe's CPU cooler lineup has been relatively pragmatic. They were known mainly for smaller niche offerings that didn't cost an arm and a leg as well as for their great fans. Not since the days of the Scythe Ninja did they have a truly elite, attention-grabbing heatsink for enthusiasts to salivate over. The recently launched Mugen 4 was the first big step they've taken to compete with the big monster towers that have taken over the premium sector of the market. A revamped modern mounting system was essential to the Mugen 4's excellent performance ands its reasonable Scythe-like price-tag really put it over the top. It earned the coveted SPCR's Editor Choice badge with little debate.

The box.

Complementing the Mugen 4, is the Ashura. Its body has a sleeker, less rotund shape but it also has a wider face to accommodate a larger Glide Stream fan than the Mugen 4, a 140 mm model. Prolimatech debuted a similar type of heatsink three years ago with the Armageddon, but despite its superb performance, the single tower with single 140 mm fan genre never really took off. On a paper it seems like a good idea. The bigger, presumably more efficient fan cools a larger surface area, and the narrow body makes it easier for the air to blow all the way through. The fin-stack is also asymmetrical like the Thermalright HR-02, pushed off to one side to alleviate memory interference issues.

Package contents.

Inside the box, you'll find the heatsink, a 140 mm fan, two sets of fan clips, a backplate and the necessary mounting hardware, and a paper assembly guide. We suspect a great deal of the Mugen 4's excellence was due to the mounting system and the Ashura uses a very similar scheme.

Scythe Ashura (SCASR-1000): Specifications
(from the product web page)
Model No: SCASR-1000
Compatibility: Intel®: Socket LGA2011 Socket T / LGA775 Socket LGA1155 Socket LGA1156 Socket LGA1366 AMD®: Socket AM2 Socket AM2+ Socket AM3 Socket AM3+ Socket FM1 Socket FM2
Dimensions: 145 x 65 x 161 mm / 5.71 x 2.56 x 6.34 inch
Weight: 750 g / 26.46 oz (excl. fan)
Accessory: Mounting plate x2 (Intel), mounting plate x2 (AMD), mounting bar x1, screws for clips x4, mainboard screws x8, mounting screws x2, back plate spacer (Socket 775) x1, washers x4, wrench x1, fan clips x4, thermal grease, backplate, installation manual
Base Plate Material: Nickel plated copper
Fan Model Name: GlideStream 140 PWM (adapted Model)
Fan Model NO: SY1425HB12M-P
Fan Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 25 mm / 5.51 x 5.51 x 0.98 inch
Noise Level: 13 - 30.7 dBA
Air Flow: 63 - 165 m³/h / 37.37 - 97.18 CFM
Fan Speed: 500 ± 300 rpm to 1300 rpm ± 10% (PWM-regulated)
Static Pressure: 1.47 ~ 10.0 Pa / 0.15 ~ 1.02 mmH²O

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