Seasonic X-1050 PSU: Gold at Kilowatt+

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X-1050 (SS-1050XM)
ATX12V power supply
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Seasonic USA
Seasonic Electronics
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Seasonic has moved steadily from success to success since entering the retail computer supply market about a decade ago. The 30+ year old power supply maker's greatest success may be its recent X series, the first of which we reviewed in fall 2009. The X series burst on the scene with umpteen advanced features, impeccable performance, and superb build quality, and became the high bar for others to try and leap.

When first introduced, the highest rated model in the X series was 850W; recently, Seasonic finally entered the ranks of kilowatt PSU makers with new 1050W and 1250W models in its X series, and a 1000W model in its new X-derivative Platinum line (about which OklahomaWolf asks in his amusing and highly informative review, "How the hell is anybody going to top this one?").

Seasonic management had been reluctant to introduce super-power PSUs for many reasons, including the desire to ensure 100% reliability even when pressed to deliver full power for extended periods, something they felt was not likely with many kilowatt+ models from their competitors.

It is the super-high efficiency of their new 80 Plus Gold and Platinum series which persuaded Seasonic decision makers to go for the kilowatt models. With such high efficiency, the maximum heat that must be dissipated at even 1000 W output is only around 100W, compared to double that with PSUs which meet the original 80 Plus requirements.


Big muted color box for the Seasonic X-1050.

Great packaging, including velvety pouch for PSU and handy bag for cables.

The package includes the power supply, two big bundles of modular cables, heavy 120V/13A AC cable, mounting screws, Velcro cable ties.

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