Silentmaxx Fanless 400W MX460-PFL01 power supply

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April 2, 2006 by Devon Cooke

Silentmaxx Fanless 400W MX460-PFL01
400W ATX12V 2.01 Fanless Power Supply

Market Price


Low noise computer equipment is a market segment of its own, with different values and requirements from the gaming, server or workstation markets. "Fanless" is a keyword; in the past year or so, we've seen fanless heatsinks, fanless cases, fanless video cards, and fanless power supplies all proliferate. Manufacturers have recognized the low noise segment as significant, and are responding with suitable products.

One of these products is the Silentmaxx Fanless 400 Watt. It looks almost identical to the FSP Zen reviewed last year, but is rated for an extra 100W of capacity. Silentmaxx is a German company that markets to the low noise market. It does not seem to be well established outside of Germany, and its web site is in German only. Nevertheless, its products are labeled in English as well as German, and its products are available worldwide from QuietPC's numerous web sites.

The similarity to the FSP Zen is more than skin deep. It's clear that FSP is the OEM for Silentmaxx. There are similarities everywhere, from the size and shape of the window on the retail box to the internal heatsinks and the general layout of the PCB. The only major difference seems to the higher output rating. It's about the highest rated fanless power supplies we know of. Most other fanless models are in the 300-350 watt range.

A large, retail-friendly package with a window.


Feature Highlights of the Silentmaxx Fanless 400 Watt MX460-PFL01
(from a Google translation of
Silentmaxx's web site)


Efficiency greater than 89%

Probably too high to be realistic, but still a good sign.
Separate 12V lines for more stability (ATX 12V V2.01)
Whether or not they improve stability is debatable, but they're required by ATX12V 2.01

Error protection (over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit, over-current, overload, over-temperature)

The more the better, but surely over-current and overload protection are the same thing...

Punched housing for optimized heat transfer

The casing is very open to the surrounding air. Whether that's good or bad depends on system airflow.

Very large and highly efficient cooling fins

The trademark of fanless power supplies: Large heatsinks.

Aside from the usual cables, screws, and a fully illustrated bilingual manual, the Silentmaxx Fanless 400 Watt also comes with... a fan. This seems like an odd freebie to include with a fanless power supply, but perhaps Silentmaxx is engaging in a little social engineering here. The fan is a subtle hint that at least a little airflow is needed. In this respect, the Silentmaxx is no different from any other fanless power supply; every one of them requires help from system airflow to be cooled safely.


SPECIFICATIONS: Silentmaxx Fanless 400 Watt (from Silentmaxx's web site)

AC Input

100~240 VAC / 50~60 Hz

Maximum AC Input Current


DC Output







Maximum Output Current







Maximum Combined


400W (460W peak)

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