SilverStone Argon AR02 CPU Cooler

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SilverStone Argon AR02 CPU Cooler

August 8, 2013 by Lawrence Lee

SilverStone Argon AR02
CPU Cooler
Street Price

In June, I reviewed the SilverStone Argon AR01 and AR03, a pair of high performance CPU coolers featuring direct-touch heatpipes. The exemplary mounting system helped them surpass similar products reviewed by SPCR. The runt of the Argon family is up now; we'll see if SilverStone's execution translates to the smaller realm of 92 mm fan heatsinks.

The box.


If you read my AR01/AR03 review, you should be getting a sense of deja vu. The box is similar to the rest of the Argon line and the package contents are identical. Included with the accessories is a brief installation manual, heatsink mounting hardware, and two sets of soft fan mounts.

This more compact Argon stands 134 mm tall to the AR01/AR03's 160 mm. It doesn't sound like much of a difference but this one inch is enough to improve compatibility substantially. The size of the rear exhaust fan is a general indicator of how big of a tower heatsink can fit into a case with a "traditional" layout. Most aftermarket towers have a 120 mm fan placement at the back, but plenty of budget and OEM cases only have space for a 92 mm model, and that's where coolers like the AR02 come in. This genre of heatsink is also suitable for users who don't feel comfortable with tall, heavy coolers that exerting considerable cantilever strain on the motherboard. The AR02 and its fan weigh just 360 grams, less than some stock heatsink/fans.

The pricing is reflective of the smaller size; it sells for $7 less than its bigger brothers. At $28, it looks like good vlaue, if performance is on the mark.

SilverStone Argon AR02: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Model No. SST-AR02
Material Copper heat pipes with aluminum fins
Application Intel Socket LGA775/115X/1366/2011
AMD Socket AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2
Heat Pipe Type Ø6mm heat-pipe x 3
Cooling System 92mm x 92mm x 25mm fan
Noise 16-24dBA
Bearing Hypro Bearing
Net Weight 330g (without fan)
Voltage Rating (V)
Start Voltage (V) <= 7V
Air Flow (CFM) 56CFM
Speed (R.P.M.) 1200~2800RPM with PWM
Life Expectancy (hrs) 40,000 hours
Dimension 92mm(W) x 50mm (D) x 134mm (H) (without Fan)

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