Silverstone Fortress FT02 Revisited

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Silverstone Fortress FT02 Revisited

March 25, 2012 by Lawrence Lee

SilverStone Fortress FT02
EATX Tower Case
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Three years ago, SilverStone released the Raven, an enormous EATX tower with an innovative rotated motherboard layout that blew us away. Traditional tower cases have one or two small intake fans located at the front where they are closer — and therefore louder — to the average user, and where they are impeded by case doors, hard drives and external drive bays. SilverStone's clever design featured massive fans drawing air from the bottom panel to blow it in a straight line out the top, enhancing the cooling of tower CPU heatsinks and graphics cards with fans.

The original Raven had an unusual appearance and build composition for a SilverStone. The external design took cues from a stealth bomber, with a black plastic shell and sharp angles, a departure from SilverStone's usual understated elegant aesthetics. The Raven RV02 still had a plastic exterior but was toned down considerably. The Fortress FT02 reviewed two years ago sported the same internal design but was dressed in a more Silverstone-esque aluminum exterior.

The box.

Recently, SilverStone sent us another version of the Fortress FT02, a slightly updated model with USB 3.0 capability and improved 18cm bottom fans. As the RV02/FT02 is still popular among our readers, we felt it would be appropriate to examine this newer FT02 and see how it stacks up to more recent towers like the Antec P280, the gargantuan Cooler Master Cosmos II, and the latest iteration of Silverstone's Raven, the RV03.

The Fortress FT02.

Though obviously not the first time we've encountered the FT02, we still can't get over how great it looks. It is Applesque, bringing to mind the Mac Pro and other Mac tower PCs of the past. This is not a flashy gamer case with multiple LED fans on every side or decals plastered on the side panels. It's a distinctively clean-looking case with an aluminum shell, rounded corners, and solid build quality. The exterior is not bushed, which would result in visible hairlines. The FT02’s smooth matte finish on its aluminum unibody frame is achieved by sand-blasting, followed by anodizing. This is what Apple also uses for their Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, etc. There are few external clues to how different the innards are from a typical tower (though there are versions with a side window).


The current FT02 includes water cooling radiator brackets, a 2.5" drive frame, a three-headed 3-pin to 4-pin molex fan adapter for the three 18 cm intake fans, a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 header adapter, reusable strap-ties, screws, and a manual. The velcro strap and small rectangular metal piece help secure the power supply — more on that later.

SilverStone Fortress FT02: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Model No. SST-FT02B (black), SST-FT02B-USB3.0 (black)
SST-FT02S (silver), SST-FT02S-USB3.0 (silver)
SST-FT02B-W (black + window), SST-FT02B-W-USB3.0 (black + window)
SST-FT02S-W (silver + window), SST-FT02S-W-USB3.0 (silver + window)
Material 4.5mm aluminum unibody frame, 0.8mm steel body
Motherboard SSI-CEB, ATX (maximum 12” x 11”), Micro-ATX
Drive Bay External: 5.25" x 5
Internal: 3.5" x 5 , 2.5” x1
Cooling System Front: N/A
Rear: N/A
Side: N/A
Top 1 x 120mm exhaust, 1200rpm, 19dBA
Bottom: 3 x 180mm intake fan 700/1000rpm, 18/27dBA
Internal: N/A
Expansion Slot 7
Front I/O Port USB 2.0 x 2 (SST-FT02B, SST-FT02S, SST-FT02B-W, SST-FT02S-W only)
USB 3.0 x 2 (SST-FT02B-USB3.0, SST-FT02S-USB3.0, SST-FT02B-W-USB3.0, SST-FT02S-W-USB3.0 only)
Audio x 1
MIC x 1
Power Supply 1 x Optional standard PS2(ATX)
Expansion Card Support 12” or 12.2” (with fan grill removed)
Limitation of CPU cooler 165mm
Limitation of PSU Unlimited
Net Weight 15kg
Dimension 212mm (W) x 497mm (H) x 616mm (D)
Extra One CP05 included for single hot-swappable SATA hard drive, additional CP05 can be purchased separately

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