SilverStone Raven RV03

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Silverstone Raven RV03

February 18, 2012 by Lawrence Lee

SilverStone Raven RV03
EATX Tower Case
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The Raven marked the debut of SilverStone's innovative rotated motherboard design, the first major change in PC tower design we had seen since the adoption of bottom-mounted power supplies. This layout change combined with massive fans blowing cool air from the bottom of the chassis, over the motherboard and out the top proved to be wildly successful. Cooling was helped along by natural convection, but more importantly the fans being on the case floor kept much of the noise output in check.

The box.

The original Raven RV01 was also an aesthetic departure for SilverStone which was and still is known for their classy but minimalist towers. With the excessively bulky, angular, almost creepy RV01, it seemed like they had joined the ranks of case manufacturers pushing extravagant, attention-getting designs. Thankfully in later versions like the Raven RV02 and Fortress FT02, they reigned it in, returning to their roots somewhat by trimming most of the unnecessary frills. The Raven RV03 doesn't share the smooth lines of its predecessor but doesn't evoke quite as much "Black Swan" imagery as the original. The avian elements are there but downplayed, with softer, less aggressive angles.

The Raven RV03.

Unfortunately it's simply not as attractive, particularly the top cover which is a mix of solid chevron-like bands partially covering vents with slits pointing in varying directions. It also has a smaller, trapezoidal side window, and thick waffle-style grills for the power supply protruding outward. Moving the power supply from the top of the case to the floor underneath the front drive bays results in dimensions 7 cm shallower than the RV02. It is a slightly wider and taller chassis so the overall size is the same only with proportions closer to that of a traditional tower.


The included accessories are a bit on the sparse side for a flagship case. There's a paper manual, a bag of silver screws (an excellent usability choice as the interior is completely black), a few thin strap-ties, and a three-headed 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter to power the three stock fans together. A piece of double-sided tape and a small block of rubber are also provided so one can attach a front drive bay cover to the outside of the optical drive tray, making it stealthed.

Specifications: Silverstone Raven RV03
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