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Product TESLA H
Fanless NUC Case
Manufacturer Akasa
Street Price US$100~110

The NUC is now the only line of motherboards and "desktop PCs" offered by Intel, and a handful of fanless aftermarket cases have appeared, taking advantage of the NUC's low power profile. Among the most prolific NUC case makers is Akasa, whose first fanless case, the oddly named Euler, was for Thin mini-ITX. The Euler was good enough, though a little rough around the edges, and it helped Akasa gain some recognition among silent PC enthusiasts. Akasa expanded its small fanless case range, and the Tesla H is one of a dozen fanless case models Akasa is currently offering. There are three Tesla variants to accommodate the different NUC models with varying back and front panel ports.

The Tesla is considerably bigger than standard Intel NUCs, understandbly as it's designed to fit two 2.5" drives. The case is a bit over twice as wide, although shorter than Intel NUC cases designed to house a 2.5" drive. But because the NUC board is so tiny to begin with, just 4" x 4", the Tesla still occupies only about a litre of volume, similar to the Thin mini-ITX Euler. Compared to the tall Intel NUC cases, the Tesla's proportions are more pleasing to the eye... and it is fanless. The Tesla resembles the Logic Supply ML300, a fanless NUC case which can hold a single 2.5" drive.

It's twice as wide as the standard Intel NUC cases.

A standard Intel NUC, not designed for 2.5" drives.

This is the style of the NUCs that hold a single 2.5" drive.

This particular model, Tesla H, is designed specifically for the Intel D54250WYB and D3410WYB NUC boards, both of which have a single SATA port in addition to the slot for a mSATA SSD. Two 2.5" drives can be fitted. The second 2.5" drive can only be used, however, if an optional mSATA to SATA adapter is used.

Akasa Tesla H: Product Details
from the product web page
Model No. A-NUC05-A1B
Material Aluminium
Motherboard UCFF 4" X 4"
Drive Bays 2 X 2.5" SSD/HDD (up to 12.5mm high); second drive requires optional mSATA to SATA adapter (product code: AK-PCCMSA-01)
Front I/O Port USB 3.0 port x 2, IR receiver opening, HD Audio in/out
Security Kensington lock
Antenna fitting holes 3
Serial port opening 2
VESA mounting Supported
Net Weight 1200 g
Dimension 240 x 150 x 48mm (W x D x H)
1.7 liters

The Tesla H comes with a slew of little plastic bags containing all the various hardware to install the NUC board, and attach the casing/heatsink to the CPU.

The small 3-screw aluminum piece in the top center above is the CPU heat block which clamps to the NUC CPU. It is a simple bridge between the CPU and the top of the casing. Simple tension clamps the top finned cover to the heat block. The blue/green blocks are soft gooey thermal interface blocks to allow heat from the mSATA drive SSD to be conducted to the casing. The larger rectangular aluminum pices are the sides of the 2.5" drives sled. There is also a single-sheet multilingual, mostly pictorial, mostly clear enough, assembly guide (PDF document link to Akasa site) that managed to slip out of this photo.

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