Thermalright HR-22 CPU Heatsink

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Thermalright HR-22 CPU Heatsink

November 5, 2013 by Lawrence Lee

Thermalright HR-22
CPU Cooler
Street Price

The HR-02 Macho is one of our favorite Thermalright coolers, hitting almost every important mark we consider in a CPU heatsink. Not only does it boast elite performance and a sound mounting system, its asymmetrical design defuses memory compatibility issues, its stripped down construction lowered its price against comparable solutions, and its size and wide fin spacing even made it a suitable candidate for passive cooling. Its versatility is pretty much unbeatable. Hoping to improve on this is the HR-22, a bigger, beefed up version of the HR-02.

The HR-22 box.

Package contents.

The HR-22 shares a similar design with the HR-02, using what Thermalright calls DPAS (Directed Passive Airflow system), a combination of features that takes advantage of the natural airflow and layout found in most PC cases. The heatsink is asymmetrical to prevent memory interference problems, the gaps between the fins are large and through holes (multiple slits forming vertical columns through the fin stack) are used to maximize ventilation in a low airflow environment. There is one notable new addition, the "Airflow Tunnel Add-on Kit," essentially a plastic duct connecting the heatsink to a 120 mm exhaust fan. Thermalright is advertising the HR-22 as "0 CPU Fan passive cooling" provided if you use the included duct and your case has some airflow.

Compared to the HR-02, the HR-22 is wider by 18 mm, broader by 10 mm, and at 1.17 kg, it's heavier by a massive 480 g according to our measurements (the difference is 420 g according to the specifications). Thermalright has added two heatpipes (eight total) and the entire structure is nickel-plated like most of their other coolers. It always seemed odd to us that the HR-02 resembled a Scythe heatsink more than a Thermalright, but we didn't complain as it kept the price down. The HR-22 on the other hand reverts back to Thermalright's old ways. It's a premium air-cooler, retailing for about US$100.

"Airflow Tunnel Add-On Kit."

The duct is fairly stiff and an unattractive shade of yellow. There are no screws or clamps to keep either end in place so you simply fit it around the one side of the heatsink and a 120 mm fan, presumably at the rear or the top of the case. Ideally you would have a fan on the heatsink itself as well but according to Thermalright, the HR-22 can handle a high power processor with system cooling alone, though it's irrational not to mount a fan on the CPU just so you can claim it's passively cooled.

Thermalright HR-22: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Dimension: L150mm x W120mm x H159mm
Weight: 1120g
Heat pipes: 6mm heatpipe*8 units
Fin: T = 0.5 mm ; Gap = 2.8 mm
Fin Pcs: 35 PCs
Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper nickel plated
Motherboard to Fin: 36 + 8 = 44 mm 46 + 8=54 mm

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