WD Black 6TB Performance Hard Drive

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WD Black 6TB Performance Hard Drive

November 23, 2015 by Lawrence Lee

WD Black 6TB
3.5" Hard Drive
Western Digital
Street Price

For the past 7 years, Western Digital has neatly delineated its consumer hard drives into different color-coded classes. Though the Green line was recently merged with the Blue series, this scheme remains intact, providing consumers with a relatively easy way to figure out which WD drive is right for their purposes — the lack of cumbersome new model names is just a bonus. At SPCR, the least discussed is probably Black, the color reserved for their highest performing models.

WD Blacks are typically speedy but loud and energy inefficient, making them ill-suited for quiet PCs, especially now that completely silent solid-state drives have become common place. However, for users who require vast amounts of fast storage, these drives are a way of life. SSDs are great if you have low storage requirements but if you require terabytes of capacity, it can be cost-prohibitive. Even the cheapest 1TB SSD is more expensive and offers 1/6th of the capacity of the drive we're examining today.

WD Black 6TB.


The WD Black 6TB is the newest and biggest member of the Black family (essentially their consumer version of an Enterprise class), which has models of various capacities down to 500 GB. The 6TB model is outfitted with a dual processor controller, a 7200 RPM motor, a sizable 128MB cache (64MB is standard for 4TB and lower models), and is backed by a lengthy five year warranty. Physically, it looks like previous Black models with the metal casing around the motor sitting almost flush with the circuit board. The drive weighs a substantial 730 grams as there are five 1.2TB platters inside.

Label. Our sample came off the assembly line in May.

WD Black 6TB: Specifications
(from the product data sheet)
Interface SATA 6 Gb/s
Formatted Capacity 6 TB
Form Factor 3.5-inch
Max sustained data transfer rate (host to/from drive) 218 MB/s
Cache 128 MB
Rotational Speed 7200 RPM
Average Power Requirements Read/Write: 10.6 W
Idle 7.6 W
Standby/Sleep: 1.6 W
Acoustics Idle: 31 dBA
Seek (average): 34 dBA
Physical Dimensions (H x L x W) 26.1 x 147 x 101.6 mm
Weight (± 10%) 0.72 kg ± 3%
Load/unload Cycles 300,000
Limited Warranty 5 years

According to the specifications, the 6TB model is fast, power hungry, and noisy, just as one would expect.

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