AMD Radeon HD 6570 & 6670 Budget GPUs

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AMD Radeon HD 6570 & 6670 Budget GPUs

April 25, 2011 by Lawrence Lee

AMD Radeon HD 6570 512MB
PCI-E Graphics Card
AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB
PCI-E Graphics Card

The recent release of the Radeon HD 6450, 6570 and 6670 graphics cards brings the much lauded AMD's HD 6000 series to the entry and budget segments. As with the previous HD 5000 generation, AMD introduced the mid-range and high-end cards first to garner interest, and it worked, with the HD 6850, 6870, 6950, and 6970 racking up accolades left and right. These new cards offered better performance per dollar than predecessors, with improved video decoding capabilities and support for stereoscopic 3D playback, along with substantial energy savings.

Sub-US$100 cards like the 6570 and 6670 have their place, but won't be accorded as much fanfare, being in that odd space between the discrete cards used for video playback and little else, and the more powerful models that can actually deliver a smooth high definition gaming experience with the latest PC titles. These are graphics cards for people who may not play games often enough to justify the cost of a "serious graphics card" or for users willing to sacrifice resolution and eye candy for the reduced cost.

The AMD Radeon HD 6570 and 6670.

The HD 6570 and 6670 pack significantly more horse power than entry level cards like the HD 5450/6450, but they are built on similarly small circuit boards. This is usually an indicator of subpar 3D performance, but given the advances in GPU technology over the years, such cards have the potential of matching middle to high-end models from 3~4 years ago. The half-height PCB also allows the option of a low profile bracket for use in small, low profile HTPC-style cases.

Specifications: AMD Radeon HD 6670 vs. HD 6570
Model Radeon HD 6670 Radeon HD 6570
Process 40nm 40nm
Transistors 716M 716M
Engine Clock 800 MHz 650 MHz
Stream Processors 480 480
Compute Performance 768 GFLOPS 724 GFLOPS
Texture Units 24 24
Texture Fillrate 19.2 GTexels/s 15.6 GTexels/s
ROPs 8 8
Pixel Fillrate 6.4 Gpixel/s 5.2 Gpixel/s
Z/Stencil 32 32
Memory Type GDDR5 GDDR5 / DDR3
Memory Clock 1000 MHz 900-1000 MHz / 900 MHz
Memory Data Rate 4 Gbps 4 Gbps / 1.8 Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 64 GB/s 64 GB/s / 28.8 GB/s
Maximum Board Power 66 W 60 W / 44 W
Idle Board Power 12 W 11 W / 10 W

The two cards have similar features with the same number of transistors, stream processors, texture units and ROPs. The only difference is the core clock speed which is 800 MHz for the 6670 and 650 MHz for the 6570. Our 6570 sample is equipped with GDDR5 memory, but slower DDR3 models will be produced as well with substantially lower memory bandwidth but better energy efficiency.

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