Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming Case

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Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming C ase

November 8, 2009 by Lawrence Lee

Antec Twelve Hundred
ATX Tower Case
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The Twelve Hundred is the grand daddy of Antec's gaming line of cases. It is essentially the big brother of the Nine Hundred Two, sharing the exact same aesthetics and open, well-ventilated, multi-fan design. The height of the Twelve Hundred is greater to allow for an extra 120 mm front and rear fan, an additional hard drive cage, and support for the incomparable Antec CP-850 power supply.

The Twelve Hundred.

A quick glance at the Twelve Hundred may lead one to think it cannot possibly be any quieter than Nine Hundred Two — this isn't necessarily true. In most gaming systems the main source of noise is the cooler(s) attached to the video card(s). With more breathing room and extra airflow, the GPU fan(s) may not need to spin as fast, resulting in a quieter, overall gaming experience. More significantly perhaps is support for Antec CP-850 power supply which is extremely quiet under low loads and its fan does not ramp up as quickly as most other units. It'll be interesting to see how much difference this combination makes.

Aside from the pre-mounted 120 mm fans, the only accessories included are an external 3.5" drive bay adapter, a few plastic ties, and a bag of screws.

Antec Twelve Hundred: Features & Specifications
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