Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming Case

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Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming Case

August 4, 2009 by Lawrence Lee

Antec Nine Hundred Two
ATX Mid Tower Case
Market Price

Most manufacturers believe that simply eliminating all the cracks and holes in a case will result in a quieter system. This is true to some degree, but it is a much smaller factor than most believe. Slowing the system fans by a small degree can easily offset any extra noise "escaping" from various vents, and the extra ventilation can be very beneficial, especially for the hotter regions of the system which do not receive much direct airflow. The fact is that thin metal panels are not very effective at blocking noise.

The Antec Nine Hundred Two box.

For gaming systems, it is unrealistic to seal up the case due to the sheer amount of heat put out by modern graphics cards and, to a lesser degree, CPUs. For a gaming machine, what you really need is lots of ventilation and plenty of room for expansion, especially for extra long graphics cards. The Antec Nine Hundred Two seems to fit the bill. It's a spacious, affordable, user-friendly case and as a bonus it ships with four fans, each with their own speed controller.

The Nine Hundred Two panel surfaces are composed of sturdy molded plastic with a pleasant matte finish.

The Nine Hundred Two looks very much like the original Nine Hundred. Most of the differences are superficial. The interior has been painted black, which looks more appealing through the side window compared to standard issue grey, and the exterior has been revamped to emphasize the case's 200 mm ceiling fan.

Accessories: a bag of screws and an adapter for an external 3.5" drive.

Antec Nine Hundred Two: Features & Specifications
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