Apex MI-008: A Cheap Quiet mini-ITX Case?

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Apex MI-008 Case: Mini ITX on the Cheap

Jan. 17, 2008 by Lawrence Lee

Apex MI-008
Small Form Factor (Mini ITX) Case
Market Price

The mini-ITX platform was traditionally embraced by a small niche following who weren't afraid to dig deep into their pockets to indulge in their love of petite, efficient systems. Interest in the platform is now exploding, thanks in most part to Intel. By releasing the D201GLY/2, Intel gave consumers a better performing, cheaper alternative to VIA's Epia line of integrated mini-ITX motherboards — breaking VIA's virtual monopoly at the time. Not to rest on their laurels, Intel followed up with the D945GCLF, which showed off the efficiency of their Atom processor. For those hoping for a little extra oomph, the D945GCLF2 debuted shortly after featuring a dual core Atom chip. Today you can also buy motherboards based on the latest desktop chipsets with excellent onboard graphics and support for the same powerful CPUs you find in traditional towers.

While it is quite simple to build such a PC, finding a good enclosure for it and keeping it quiet is a far more difficult task given the form factor and its traditional obscurity. There are some options — today we'll be looking at one of the few widely available mini-ITX cases, the Apex MI-008. Apex also makes the MI-100 which has a slightly different front bezel design (the interior is identical) and comes in two versions — silver and black. Though the MI-008 is a low-end case, it may be good enough to house and cool quietly a simple mini-ITX machine. The prospect of an affordable, yet quiet SFF PC has wide appeal.

The Intel D945GCLF2 and Apex MI-008 — a good match?

The MI-008 is a simple, Shuttle-like case, but shorter, a bit wider, and deeper.

Accessories: drive sleds, case feet, PC speaker, screws and power cord.

Apex MI-008 Specifications
Dimension 8.7"x 5.1"x 11.8"
220mm x 129mm x 300mm
(W) x (H) x (D)
*Measurement of depth is without front bezel.
Drive Bay 1 - 5.25" Exposed
1 - 3.5" Exposed
1 - 3.5" Hidden
Form Factor Small form factor
Motherboard Mini ITX
Expansion Bay 1 full size expansion
PSU ATX12V SFX 250W with 20+4 pin MB connector
Additional Fan  
Front Access Port USB2.0 Port x 2
Audio Port x 2
(AC97 & HD Plug)

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