ZEROtherm CoolMaxx 2000 GPU Cooler

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The CoolMaxx 2000 is composed of a copper base and heatpipes while its 53 fins are made of aluminum. The entire assembly appears to be nickel-plated giving it a shiny, futuristic look.

A 9 blade, 74mm diameter fan is secured using a plastic spine. The cooler uses a four screw mounting system of which we approve — the simpler the better. Keeping the fan cable snug against the side is a nifty wire clip which can be easily lifted to release the cable from its grasp.

A compact cooler, the CoolMaxx only takes up only a single extra expansion slot. The fins are 0.30mm thick and are spaced approximately 1.36mm apart.

We found the base to be fairly flat, but the like the Nirvana, clear semicircular machines marks were easily visible. Despite this, it did produce a nice reflection of the beaver on a Canadian nickel.

Installed on our test card, a Radeon HD 4890, the CoolMaxx looks undersized. Our main concern is how well it can cool the voltage regulators given that the fan is positioned directly over the GPU core, even though the stock cooling plate is designed to spread the heat around.

From the side.

The memory heatsinks are 6mm tall and use a moderately thick thermal adhesive pad. The ramsinks included with some third party manufacturers utilize a thin, easily compromised adhesive film — this is far preferable.

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