Silverstone Raven Two

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Due to the unusual features and design of the RV02, there are many photos. We begin with the outside.

The front panel appears monolithic, with lines dividing up much of the facia into eight rectagular sections, suggesting the option to install that many optical drives.

The "front panel" is up at the front of the top panel, which is logical as a case this size will be placed on the floor. The power and reset buttons are near the corners, with USB and audio ports in the center. The buttons look a bit too easy to hit accidentally, and they need very little force to trigger. Smaller, recessed button with less hair-trigger action would have been better.

The view from the top reveals a large area of ventilation mesh. It's mostly plastic, like the front facia, but the mesh is metal.

The right side is unadored. Note the integral "feet", which raise the bottom panel just a bit over one inch up from the floor. This is to ensure good intake for the three big fans at the bottom.

Here's the bottom panel, with grills for three large intake fans.

The backpanel has a large square vent, which is removable, as it is a filter. Another similar vent lies beneath. This is the intake for the power supply.

Close-up of dust filter for PSU intake.

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