Silverstone Raven Two

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The top cover must be removed for access to the thumbscrews that hold the side panels in place.

The top vent cover comes off with a sharp pull on the front edge.

The top panel looks much like the back panel of the typical tower case. Two thumbscrews hold each side panel in place.

Interior view, looking up towards the top panel. Note the square opening in the motherboard tray, which provides access to the underside of the board even after it's been installed. This is useful for dealing with heatsinks that bolt through the board and require access to the underside with support plates or retaining nuts.

Interior view, looking down towards the fans. Note the large rectangular opening at the bottom of the motherboard tray which eases cable management between the back side and the front side of the tray.

The HDDs mount in a "sub-cage" that can be moved up into other positions. The optical drives are locked in place with a single-action tool-less mechanism we've seen in other SilverStone chassis.

The HDD cage features soft rubber grommets for vibration damping and hold the drives vertically.

The dust filers for the 180mm intake fans slide out simply for cleaning once the side cover is removed.

This is a view of the back corner where the PSU is mounted. It's meant for PSUs that use 120mm or larger fans mounted on the "bottom" of the PSU. The large grill on the back panel is the intake for the PSU, which, as we saw on the outside, is filtered for dust. The surprisingly detailed manual states that PSUs up to 230mm long can be accommodated. The 120mm exhaust fan has the same function as the back panel fan on any tower case; it exhausts the hot air from around the CPU and the VGA.

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