Silverstone Raven Two

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INTERIOR (continued)

Its under the left side cover that a 2.5" drive can be installed, on the left side of the optical drive bay. The 2.5" drive is screwed to an adapter, which is then screwed to the side of the drive bay. It's intended for a solid state drive, but a notebook drive could be installed here as well — albeit with no vibration damping.

Cables run mostly on this side, especially the cables from the fan. Note that some cables go up toward the top panel, near the 120mm exhaust fan.

This is where the two-position fan speed switches are located. They are for the three bottom-mounted intake fans, and switch between high (1000rpm) and low (700rpm) speed. No such switch is provided for the 120mm fan, which one presumes could be run off a temperature controll motherboard fan header.

2.5" drive goes onto the adapter first.

The adapter with 2.5" drive can then be mounted on the side of the optical drive cage. (The masses of black make photography difficult here.)

SilverStone has also made the RV01 easily adaptable for watercooling. A section of the 38-page multilingual manual is devoted to this topic. The basic procedure is to mount the appropriate size radiator over the middle and back 18cm fans. The language almost suggests that SilverStone offers a radiator designed specifically to fit here, but no such accessory is listed at the company's web site. From a cooling functionality point of view, blowing the heat of the radiators up into the case doesn't seem like a very smart move; you'd be better off having it blow out, but this might cause some airflow restruction due to the close proximity of the floor to the fans. There's also the question of where exactly to position the water pump.

Detail of suggested radiator installation from RV02 manual.

There are two ports on the bottom panel, and the very back behind the back fan, for routing water tubing out of the case.

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