Gigabyte MA785GPMT-UD2H 785G Motherboard

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The board utilizes solid-state capacitors exclusively; these are typically found on high-end boards, and offer longer life, more stable performance.

Cooling is provided by a modestly sized southbridge heatsink and a cut-down northbridge cooler — the bottom half of it is sunken down to make room for an overhanging PCI Express 1x expansion card. In addition, the vanity nameplate on top looks nice but may actually impede cooling.

The board's layout is sound, but we would prefer to see the floppy and IDE connectors on the edge of the board, on their side if possible. There are three fan connectors: a PWM header to the left of the CPU socket, another at the bottom of the board near the USB headers, and a standard 3-pin header underneath the PCI-E 1x slot.

The back panel is fully stocked with HDMI, eSATA and FireWire all supported.

Pictured about is the board with a Xigmatek HDT-SD964 heatsink and Corsair XMS3 memory installed. Oriented north-south, most tower coolers will clear any installed memory as long as the heatspreaders are low profile. The northbridge heatsink is too low to cause problems for a typical east-west facing cooler.

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