Gigabyte MA785GPMT-UD2H 785G Motherboard

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Fan Control

To test the board's fan control, we connected the CPU fan to a manual fan speed controller so we could slow it down to induce higher CPU temperatures. An Arctic Cooling 2000rpm PWM fan was connected to the CPU fan header and a 92mm Scythe Kama 2500rpm PWM fan was connected to the SYS fan header. Fan speeds and temperatures were monitored as the system was stressed.

Fan Control: Gigabyte MA785GPMT-UD2H
(2030 RPM)
System Fan
(1500 RPM)
Min. Fan Speed
1250 RPM
470 RPM
Trigger Temp.
N/A (constant)
Max. Fan Speed Temp.
N/A (constant)
Ambient temperature: 22°C

The board's fan control had the CPU fan spinning at about 60% of maximum speed to start and it began to rise when the CPU temperature reached 36°C. The CPU fan speed increased smoothly, ramping up linearly with the CPU temperature, before topping out at 60°C. The secondary fan spun constant at about 1/3 of its rated speed throughout.

If you leave fan control up to the board, the CPU fan will start at a moderate level and increase in speed smoothly, while the SYS fan will run quietly, but never ramp up.

SpeedFan Support

For Windows users, SpeedFan is our application of choice for fan control. It can be configured to raise or lower multiple fan speeds to designated limits when any specified temperature threshold is breached.

SpeedFan correlations: Gigabyte MA785GPMT-UD2H.

SpeedFan reported fan speeds from all three headers as well as the "CPU" and "SYS" temperatures indicated by Gigabyte's monitoring software. We found that "SYS" was code for the southbridge as placing a fan over that area triggered an almost immediate temperature reduction. The Temp3 sensor seemed related to the CPU temperature — the amount varied, but it was consistently lower throughout testing.

SpeedFan can fully control both the CPU_FAN header and SYS_FAN headers using either 3-pin or 4-pin PWM fans. To enable fan control, select the "IT8718F" chip in the Advanced tab of the Configuration menu and set all the PWM modes to "Software Controlled." Doing so will unlock the Speed01 and Speed02 controls.

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