Corsair CX400W Power Supply

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Opening up the retail box, a modest packaging scheme was revealed. Cutting the costs of fancy velvet drawstring bags, custom monographed velcro cable bags, and solid foam enclosures leaves the CX400W with a plain bubble-wrapped bag and simply retained cabling and accessories.

Modest packaging and accessories

Accessories include a region-appropriate AC cable, 4 mounting screws, a bag of cable ties, and the User's Manual.

2-piece interlocking C-shaped casing, scratch-resistant black with a modest debossed Corsair logo. Also, note the neatly bundled cables.

Hexagonal exhaust holes, and a basic fan grille. Smart black and white motif used liberally. As promised, no 120/240V switch.


1 - ATX connector (640mm) 20+4 pin
1- EPS/ATX12V 8-4 pin connector (600mm) 4x2 (8-pin)
1- PCIe 6-pin (640mm)
2- Three SATA connectors (760mm)
2- Three 4-pin peripheral connectors with one floppy drive connectors (900mm)

The length of each cable is quite generous, and the included zip ties will be required for cable management in most cases.

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