Corsair CX400W Power Supply

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Four screws on the table, and we're in. Looking at the topography inside, we see... a VX450W with different parts.

Notice the "CX" on the yellow filter cap near the bottom, sandwiched between two toroids. Hints aside, it's pretty hard to tell apart from the VX450W.

Good sized heatsinks on all the power stages.

Unlike the VX450W, there is no plastic baffling near the exhaust port, which implies it is not necessary. Another important difference is the lower value filtering cap: 270uF @ 400V versus the VX450W's 330uF @ 400V. This is a cost cutting measure, and whether it is important will be seen in the voltage regulation and ripple tests. Like the VX450W, the CX400W uses an ADDA AD1212MB-A71GL 120mm fan, rated for 85.2CFM at 2200rpm and 39.1dB/A.

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