Asus UL80Vt: A CULV Laptop with Hybrid Graphics

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The UL80Vt measures 29 mm (1.14") at the center and 31 mm (1.22") at the rear (including the feet). Most 14" laptops are a bit fatter, about 1.4~1.5" at their thickest point. Microphone, line-out, VGA, HDMI and two USB connectors are located on the left side as is the main exhaust port.

The right side features the optical drive, memory card reader, RJ45 connector and an additional USB port.

The speakers are located at the bottom just under the lip — like most laptop speakers they sound tinny and are underpowered and their location doesn't help. Both the memory and hard drive are easily serviced from the underside.

The LED backlit screen is comparable to the one found on the CULV-powered Gateway EC1803h. It's fairly bright but the contrast is not great, resulting in a slightly washed out appearance.

The screen is glossy so reflections are clearly visible especially when there is a light source emanating from behind.

The hinges are thick and of good construction, though they only allow the screen to be tilted back by about 45 degrees past perpendicular.

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