Asus UL80Vt: A CULV Laptop with Hybrid Graphics

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The keyboard utilizes a full-size chiclet design measuring 30 x 11 cm. The keys unfortunately do not generate enough resistance, resulting in poor tactile feedback. There was also some noticeable flexing.

The trackpad has a large, dimpled surface which creates too much friction. Below it sits a single, long rounded button, the edges of which are unfortunately lower than the surrounding surface. This makes makes it difficult to press down with your thumb. Like the keyboard, the palm rest had a bit of give as well, particularly on the right side where all the stickers are located.

One of the UL series' main selling points is its high capacity battery. The UL80Vt's battery boasts 84 watt-hours and weighs about a pound.

The AC adapter has an output of 19V.

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