Review: 2 Samsung Optical Drives

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Product Samsung SM-352B Combo Drive (CD-RW + DVD-ROM)
Supplier Samsung Canada
Price US$66~90


  • CD-RW and DVD-ROM in one mechanism
  • Adopting Superlink (Buffer Under Run Proof Technology)
  • Supporting DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM Discs Read : Multi Read
  • Supporting Ultra DMA 2 Mode
  • Supports Mt.Rainier

It also features several anti-noise features detailed on their technical info page:

  • Acoustic Noise Reduction System
  • Automatic Ball Balancing System
  • Dynamic Vibration Absorber

The Samsung SM-352B comes with:

  • User's Guide CD
  • Power DVD software
  • Nero 5.5 CD Burn software
  • Data and headphone cables, installation screws
  • Printed setup guide


Data Transfer Rate Read CD : 52X (7,800 KB/sec)
Read DVD : 16X (21,600 KB/sec)
Record CD : 52X (7,800 KB/sec)
Rewrite CD : 24X (3,600 KB/sec)
Burst Transfer Rate PIO Mode 4 (16.6MB/sec)
UDMA Mode 2 (33.3MB/sec)
Average Access Time DVD : 120ms
CD : 110ms
Supported Disc Formats DVD-RAM, DVD-R,DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-Viedo, CD-R,CD-RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM/XA, CD-ROM, Video-CD, CD-I, Photo CD, CD-Extra, CD-TEXT
Buffer Memory Retail Pack: 8MB
Bulk : 2MB
Dimensions (WxHxD mm) 148.2 x 42 x 184
Weight 0.77 kg


Samsung SM-352B
Subjective Comments
52X CD read / write
Smooth sound dominated by air turbulence and a touch of motor whine
24X CD read / write
Smooth sound dominated by air turbulence
DVD play*
Smooth, quiet steady whirring
DVD 32X play*
Smooth, quiet steady whirring and a bit of ticking
Positioning noise
Smooth, modest
Drawer mechanism
Very smooth, quiet
Relatively benign, depends mostly on disc

*The supplied Power DVD software was used for DVD movie playback.


Well what can we say? Samsung packs a lot of features into this combo drive, and it works smoothly and quietly. No complaints about noise at all, especially for DVD playback and 24X speed CD operation, both of which were very modest. It would have been almost impossible to do without the word smooth for this SM-352B review. As for performance, there was absolutely nothing untoward discovered in casual use, and every CD burn came out perfect. What's there not to like? Nothing, IMO. Even the price is really nice.

Much thanks to Samsung Canada for the review sample and their kind support.

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