Intel D510M0 Motherboard: Atom 2.0

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Our D510M0 sample came in the form of a pre-production board assembled in a Morex T3500 case with 1GB of RAM, a slim optical drive, and Seagate Momentus 7200.4 hard drive.

The T3500 based system was shipped with a 12V/5A power adapter. It's a very well ventilated case with large grills on the top and sides.

With missing connectors (mainly legacy) on the back panel and the lack of an I/O shield it was obvious a pre-production sample.

The case has a novel design with a notebook hard drive and slim optical drive mounting at the bottom as not to interfere with the airflow over the processor and motherboard.

The D510M0 thankfully lacks the tiny heatsink/fans found on the first generation Atom desktop boards, opting instead for a single, very large black heatsink.

Expansion is limited with only 2 SATA ports, and a single PCI slot, but there is a mini PCI Express slot which is a new addition. The board also lacks an ATX12V 4-pin connector.

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