Samsung UN55B7100 55" LED HDTV

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It might amuse you to consider the size of the box in which this TV ships. It's fairly heavy at over 35kg, but more importantly, its dimensions make it impossibly awkward for any single person except perhaps someone with the arms of the tallest basketball player to handle. The TV, once out of the box, can be handled by one person, but it is still awkward to do so, and much easier with two people.

The Samsung UN55B7100 carton wrapped in packing cellophane, placed temporarily behind >8' sofa.

The unit was difficult to photograph due to its size and high reflectivity. Here it is, atop a typical stand (measuring 60"W x 22"D x 14"H). The tower speakers on either side are 39" tall.

Scene from The Bourne Identity (1080i HD feed) on Samsung UN55B7100 with Samsung BluRay player, Bell ExpressVu satellite HD PVR, and HTPC on shelf below.

SPCR home page , uTorrent, etc on the Windows 7 desktop of the HTPC.

For more flattering photos of the UN55B7100, you're advised to visit Samsung's product web pages. Here are photos of some details you may not find there.

Corner detail showing clear acrylic frame. The edge is quite thin and will bite into your palm if you try to grasp it on the bottom to carry the TV.

The power light seems a bit bright and oversized, but it's unobtrusive when you're watching any programming and it can be turned off altogether, along with the chiming on/off sound effects. Note clear acrylic post in the stand.

A power switch is just below the Samsung logo, and there are similarly near-invisible touch buttons for source, menu, volume and channel on the right side of the lower bezel. Perhaps they are supposed to light up when touched, but this did not happen on our sample. These controls are moot, anyway, because no one will want to access them that close to the TV; the remote is the only control you really want to use.

Essential user interface: It's a fairly intuitive remote with a good onscreen menu. Rare were the times when the manual had to be consulted.

A shot of the back: The top vent grill appears to be for heat convection; there is no fan. The round vents are for speakers, which are back-firing, which makes one wonder about sound for close on-wall placement. The center lower vent appears to be for convection cooling of power components, as the power cable goes in around there. The bottom vents on the left and right may be for convection air intake as well as for bass speakers that are in those spots.

How can down-pointing bass drivers be mounted in an edge that's only 30mm wide? More on that later. Note the input connections on the right, set flush in a recess, with HDMI and USB connectors facing sideways, and the rest pointing down.

Closeup of those input connections. Thick "high end" HDMI/phono cables and/or connectors may not fit.

The optional USB wireless ethernet device comes with a right angle adapter that allows it to extend away from the back panel for better connectivity. The right angle adapter is probably not to be used when the TV is wall mounted.

A tag on the back panel shows the rated power as a relatively modest 220W and tells us that this sample is a product of the globalized "free enterprise" economy. It is a product of Samsung Electronics America in New Jersey, which is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, the largest company in Korea and the biggest electronics company in the world; made (assembled?) in Tijuana, Mexico; distributed by Samsung Canada; safety approved by UL(US) and CSA(Canada).

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