Samsung UN55B7100 55" LED HDTV

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There were a couple of hints to this page. It was curiosity about the good quality of the Samsung's audio system that led to a session with a screwdriver... so that the geekiest of our readers won't feel compelled to do this at home. The relatively thin steel, one-piece back panel came off easily enough.

Behind the back panel, it looks pretty clean and tidy.

This is the board into which the main AC power goes, and power conversion circuitry is evident. The top wires appear to go to a strip along the top covered by a felt patch. They probably feed power to the LEDs.

This is the input panel PCB and also appears to be the audio amplifier.

It's not clear what this center board does; perhaps it's the PCB for the near-invisible front controls.

Here's the biggest surprise: This is one of the two main speakers. The actual width of the diaphragm is about 1", its "cone" is made of plastic, and the surround is a very soft half-roll rubber. Its back wave is actually ported to a slit slightly above and outside this photo: yeah, a bass port!

There are two pairs of additional speakers, one on either side at the bottom edge of the Samsung, pointing downwards. These are bass drivers, less than an inch wide in the narrow dimension. They were very difficult to photograph, as the camera lens ended up too close to them. The cones may be made of aluminum; they have that characteristic aluminum shine, not glossy but slightly dull. These drivers are too small to move much air, as required for any serious bass reproduction, but the design is intriguing and ingenious.

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