Nexus NX-5000 Silent PSU

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Inside the box are a handful of accessories and a loose foam block assisting a bubble-wrap bag in protecting the power supply. This is minimal compared to other power supplies, which have sometimes included monographed velvet bags and foam frames, but we prefer it: Less packaging means less waste.

Simple packaging and accessories.

The power supply was further wrapped in another, harder plastic bag, likely for scratch resistance, though almost comically redundant. The only included accessories were a set of four uncoloured mounting screws and the AC cable.

Additional bag, likely for scratch resistance, along with twist-tied power cables and mounting screws.

Hexagonal exhaust holes along the entire back panel, assisting airflow.

The cable sleeves are adorned with an "X" pattern. Also, a back grille that in some configurations might pump some hot air back into the case.

There is no UL file number listed anywhere on the case to check at the UL Online Certifications Directory, meaning there is no easy way to determine the OEM. We could dig through the printed circuit board for well known transformer components and silkscreen board revision numbers, but most readers don't really care; the main issue is electrical and acoustic performance.


Unlike the NX-5000's cousin, the RX-8500, there are no modular cables; All power cables are fixed on the NX-5000.

1 - ATX connector (mm) 20+4 pin
1 - EPS/ATX12V 4 pin connector (mm)
1 - EPS/ATX12V 4-8 pin connector (mm)
1 - PCIe (mm) 6 pin
1 - PCIe (mm) 6+2-pin
2- Three SATA connectors (mm)
2 - Three 4-pin peripheral connectors with one floppy drive connector (mm)

The length of each cable is quite generous, which can be equally convenient and annoying for a fixed-cable PSU depending on the layout of one's case.

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