Nexus NX-5000 Silent PSU

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The NX-5000's case is a classic stamped steel C-shell case. The fan cable is secured to the main power cable bundle very closely with little slack (to avoid bending and interfering with the fan's blades).

The fan blade color continues the black and white motif used throughout the case design.

Relatively small heatsinks are used on each power stage.

The topology and case look similar to the Nexus Value 430, although with some obvious part changes, and lacking the trimpots seen on the Value 430. The main capacitor is a Teapo rated at 270uF to 400V and 85ºC, unlike the Value 430's 220uF / 450V.

The fan is a Muhua Industrial Co. Ltd. MH1225M12D

Nexus is continuing to use fans from Muhua Industrial, in this case the MH1225M12D, rated to 12V @ 0.26A. This fan is noted to be a ball-bearing fan, with a "D" in the place of the "S", which probably indicates a sleeve bearing on the Value 430's MH1225L12S. Similar to that fan, the support struts are parallel to the trailing edge of the blades, suggesting high tonal noise, but with the excellent noise results of the Value 430, we're optimistic.

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