Intel Core i5-661: A 32nm CPU with Integrated Graphics

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With the redesigned processor, new chipsets are required to take advantage of GMA HD. The H55 Express is Intel's new mainstream LGA1156 chipset.

H55 chipset block diagram.

To test the Core i5-661, Intel shipped the processor with the DH55TC budget mATX motherboard. The estimated street price for this board is ~US$100.

Like most Intel boards, the color scheme used is a soothing dark blue. The board's layout is fairly standard and clean.

As a budget board, solid state capacitors are used for the VRM area only. The board has only a single, small, aluminum chipset heatsink.

Back ports include VGA, DVI, and HDMI, however since the IGP has moved onto Clarkdale processors, using a Lynnfield CPU with this board will require the addition of a discrete graphics card.

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