PowerColor Radeon HD 5850: Worth the Wait

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Warning — removing the heatsink from a card generally voids the product's warranty. Do so at your own risk. Note that all testing on the card was performed before the cooler was removed.

Removing the stock cooler is a simple affair, involving the removal of several screws accessible from the back of the circuit board. The four mounting holes around the GPU core has the same dimensions as the HD 3000 and 4000 series.

The heatsink has an anatomy similar to the HD 4870/4890 cooler with four removable parts, a two heatpipe heatsink for the GPU core, the fan, a memory/VRM cooling plate, and the top cover. Unfortunately we weren't able to separate the cooling plate as the screws securing the cover were too small and tight for the tools we had on hand.

The stock fan manufactured by AVC has a massive 14.4 watt power rating.

One of our favorite heatsinks, the Accelero S1 in incompatible with the HD 5850 as there is a box cover over the DVI ports blocking it, though you could easily bend a few fins to make it work. For reference, the distance between the edge of the DVI cover and the center of the bottom left mounting hole is 57mm.

The Scythe Musashi has much of its body shifted to the right side, so it cleared the DVI cover by a few millimeters.

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