Silverstone Fortress FT02 ATX Case

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Silverstone Fortress FT02

January 17, 2009 by Lawrence Lee

SilverStone Fortress FT02B
ATX Tower Case
Market Price

The SilverStone Raven featured an innovative design with quiet, yet massive 18cm fans blowing upward through a motherboard tray rotated by 90 degrees so that airflow would follow natural convection. It also had an unusual and arguably tacky molded plastic exterior that put-off many users and increased its physical dimensions. The second iteration of the Raven (RV02) was slimmer, shorter and had much more subdued aesthetics as well as an extra fan and fan controllers. Our single serious quibble was that the revised hard drive cage barred normal access from inside the case once the motherboard was mounted, and required the HDD to be pulled out through the front.

The SilverStone Fortress FT02, despite the name and an all-metal chassis, is essentially identical to the Raven RV02. The main functional difference is that the hard drive bay has reverted to the RV01 design with drives mounted sideways using plastic sleds, with optional SATA backplanes at the rear. It also borrows the dampened side panels of the original Fortress as well as the sturdy uni-body aluminum frame and understated appearance originated by the Temjin TJ07.

Another huge carton.

The Fortress FT02B (black) is a large, deep case suitable for gaming and water-cooling, but its aesthetics seem to target the over 30 crowd, very subdued compared to the conspicuous Raven.

Model No. SST-FT02B (black)
SST-FT02S (silver)
SST-FT02B-W (black + window)
SST-FT02S-W (silver + window)
Material 4.5mm aluminum unibody frame, 0.8mm steel body
Motherboard SSI CEB, ATX (maximum 12” x 11”), Micro ATX
Multimedia --
Drive Bay External 5.25" x 5
Internal 3.5" x 5 , 2.5” x1
Cooling System Front --
Rear --
Side --
Top 1 x 120mm exhaust, 1200rpm, 19dBA
Bottom 3 x 180mm intake fan 700/1000rpm, 18/27dBA
Internal --
Expansion Slot 7
Front I/O Port USB2.0 x 2
audio x 1
MIC x 1
Power Supply 1 x optional standard PS2 (ATX)
Expansion Card Support 12” or 12.2” (with fan grill removed)
Net Weight 15kg
Dimension 212mm (W) x 497mm (H) x 616mm (D)
Extra --

The FT02 is available in four flavors: black/white with or without a side window. The RV02 is about 1" taller and 1/4" deeper, and 2.5 kilograms lighter as it has a plastic exterior without any aluminum. The fans inside are the same, so it should be fairly quiet.

Accessories: manual, screws, strap-ties, tri-fan molex adapter, radiator mounting brackets, 2.5" drive adapter and power supply strap.

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