Silverstone Fortress FT02 ATX Case

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The outside of the case is fairly conventional with few notable characteristics.

The front is plain brushed aluminum like most SilverStones.

USB and audio ports are hidden by a sliding plastic cover on the top. Status LEDs are located to the left, fairly inconspicuous compared to the Raven.

The top cover pulls off its four friction snaps with a sharp tug, revealing nothing we haven't seen before; except for the molding, the layout is identical to that of the RV02.

Like the front, the rear lacks extra adornments, just a large vent for the power supply with a removable filter. There is a convenient handhold at the top, but there's nothing at the front of the case to grasp on to.

The bottom of the U-shaped frame acts as the case's "feet." The ~1" clearance underneath the intake fans is the same as the RV02 so this should not affect thermal results. If the system is placed on carpet it might suck up less fluff and miscellaneous debris.

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