Silverstone Fortress FT02 ATX Case

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To get the side panels off, the top cover must first be removed. The panels are held on by two thumbscrews at the top, but the grip at the bottom is subpar and may cause resonance problems if high vibration hard drives are installed. A more elegant solution is that used in the Antec NSK-3480, where both top and bottom portions of the side panels have a gripping hook which ensure tight fit using just gravity, with no need for screws; the top cover panel locks the side panels in place. (Details here, in the review of the earlier NSK-3300, which used the same case.)

Each panel has a full-sized sheet of thin damping foam.

Except for the hard drive mounting system, the interior is identical to that of the RV02. It has three 18cm fans with easily removable filters.

Plastic sleds make hard drive installation and removal a snap.

Plenty of holes at the back for tying down cables and the like. There is one SATA backplane on the right; additional ones can be purchased separately.

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