Undervolting T'Bred-B CPUs with José Ángel

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My Current System

- Abit KR7A-Raid (I broke the KX333-R literally in two pieces, and I found this one cheap 2nd hand)
- Swiftech MC462+ heatsink with a Papst 8412 N/2GML (80mm, 2000 rpm, 19dB) mounted on "Silent Blocks"
- 3 HDD: 2x80Gb Barracuda IV, 1x120Gb Barracuda V. One of the 80Gb units is mounted in an "aluminium sandwich" made with the parts from a broken Icy Dock.
- Zalman MFC1 (previously, a bunch of Zalman fanmates inside the case)
- Enermax EG-365P-VE modded "a la" Mike Chin (removed 92mm fan, relocated thermistor to a cooler place, changed stock fan for a Papst 8412 N/2GML)
- Sanyo-Denki San Ace exhaust fan (12cm, 1900 rpm, 28dB) with 8 to 12cm adaptor
- Akasa PaxMate panel damping material everywhere…

These are the most relevant components for silent operation, I think. If there's anything else, I hope you can see it in the following photos.

That slot at the bottom is necessary. It's where most of the fresh air is taken.

Here you can see all the components fairly well. Notice that there is 2-3cm between the metal and the front case plastic, so in that hollow I have made an air path filled partially with PaxMate damping material. That air passes first between the hardisks, that's why they are so close and don't get hot normally. I also have placed a 5cm fan that fits perfectly in the metal part and can be switched on with the MFC1. (I will post a photo when I remove the front cover, that means removing all the drives).

Front aluminium sandwich: Several layers of PaxMate makes the spinning Barracuda IV just barely audible .

The other side: As I have put two 7200 rpm drives very close together, the 5-7 rpm difference between them makes an intermitent resonance noise. (Intermodulation, it is called.) Inserting PaxMate between the drive cage and the side of the case helps a lot in reducing that noise. This is done on both sides.

Cutting away the small original vent holes was mandatory for good airflow.

At time of writing, with 32ºC ambient temperature (you know, summer in Spain is very hot!), with an Athlon XP2000+ at Vcore of 1.3V, I have the following readings:

  • 45ºC CPU idle,
  • 51ºC CPU load,
  • 35ºC case temperature,
  • 1440 rpm CPU fan,
  • 1500-1700 PSU fan (idle-load),
  • 1300 rpm exhaust fan,
  • 45-46ºC for each of the HDDs.

It is not very quiet, mainly the exhaust air is what I hear, because 32ºC ambient temperature is very hot. With 18ºC ambient temperature, it was something like...

  • 42ºC CPU idle,
  • 49ºC CPU load,
  • 30ºC case temperature,
  • 1100 rpm CPU fan,
  • 000-1200 rpm PSU fan,
  • ~700 rpm exhaust fan,
  • 42-43ºC for the HDDs,

and I could hardly hear anything sitting 40cm away from the front of the case.

* * *

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