Noctua NH-D14 flagship dual-fan CPU cooler

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The NH-D14 retains much of the characteristics features of the Noctua line: Slightly thicker than usual fins, waved edges on the fins, nickel plating, and soldering of the fins to the heatpipes. Despites the initial shock of its size, the overall height of 16cm is no greater than most tower heatsinks and it should fit without issue in most enthusiast PC cases.

It's huge but should fit in most entusiasts PC cases.

The heatpipes are centrally positioned and evenly spaced in each bank of fins. The fan cables are beautifully sleeved, by the way, all the way to the connectors.

43 fins, 2.3mm apart, 0.43mm thick.

The fins measure about 0.43mm thick with gaps of approximately 2.3 mm, similar to previous Noctua models. They are fairly thick and the spacing is moderate compared to other CPU coolers.

Note how far down the 14cm fan extends; cooling of the VRM and other components on the motherboard benefits from the peripheral airflow thus provided. The height of either fan can be easily adjusted by locking the clips on higher or lower fins.

Spring-loaded bolts are prefixed on wings that extend from the base. The bolts are slight different from most in that they have "female" threads; it looks like a bolt but acts more like a nut.

Nicely flat, smooth base.

The base is flat and smoothly finished, with only very light machine marks. Solder is visible around contact points between the heatpipes and the bottom fins, as well as on the top fins, suggesting every fin is not only press fitted (like on most heatpipe heatsinks) but also soldered (unlike most).

Evidence of soldering around heatpipes on the top and bottom fins.

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