Radeon HD 5750 & HD 5450 Graphics Cards

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The card takes up two slots due to the tall heatsink and plastic cover. It has the standard HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports.

The black PCB measures only 18.3cm across which is 5cm shorter than the HD 4850. The heatsink cover is attached with two screws on each side and houses a translucent 11 blade fan with a diameter of 7.4cm. As there is a single 6-pin PCI-E power connector, it's safe to assume the card requires more than the maximum 75W available through PCI Express.

Many of the heatsink's fins are ridged to increase the amount of surface area. exposed to air. In theory this will make heat dissipation slightly more efficient.

The cooler is attached with four spring-loaded screws at the back. The mounting holes form a 43mm square which is smaller than the last two generation of Radeons. Third party cooling solutions that list support for the older HD 2600/2400 and GeForce 8600/8500 series may be compatible, but it should be noted that the GPU core is shifted further toward the rear compared to most cards.

The heatsink mates with the GPU core using a thin piece of thermal tape. For reference the distance between the slot cover and the center of the mounting holes on the left side is 5.7cm.

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